LCIMS and LCHS Student Survey 2012

Students please answer the following questions to help us make our school better.

Thank you!

* 1. I feel that I am accepted and liked at my school.

* 2. Most of the teachers, counselors, school leaders and other adults I see at school every day know my name or who I am.

* 3. I feel physically safe at my school (classroom, restrooms, lockers, hallways, cafeteria, etc.).

* 4. Students threaten or bully other students at my school.

* 5. I need to work hard to get good grades at my school.

* 6. I respect my teachers.

* 7. My school is kept clean.

* 8. My teachers encourage me to succeed.

* 9. Teachers at my school treat students with respect.

* 10. My teachers enjoy the subjects they teach.

* 11. My teachers give me extra help when I need it.

* 12. Classes at my school are challenging.

* 13. My school disciplines students fairly.

* 14. My teachers and principal treat students with respect.

* 15. What grade are you in?