1. Background to survey

This survey has two parts:
1, questions on you and your background, and
2, questions to measures your trait EQ (TEIQue SF)

Your answers will be handled confidentially and never shared with anyone. Your answers will never be connected to your name and will never be used in any grading within the course. The information is collected in order to evaluate if the group constitution and performance in the course can be predicted by your background, traits and/or experience. If we evaluate and report on any such connections the result will only be presented as summaries that can never be connected back to you as an individual.

NOTE! There is no correlation or connection what so ever with your answers in this questionnaire and how you are then graded. You should not try to guess that there is such a connection. Thus, there is no idea that you try to answer what you think we want to hear; since we have no idea at all what we want to hear! Just be as truthful as possible so we can create as good groups for the assignment as possible (and you can't guess how we will do that anyway since we have not yet decided, maybe we will do it randomly).