Survey of Devotional Practices

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators are asked to complete this brief survey to assist the Catholic Schools Office in assessing the effectiveness of the programs and activities designed for faith formation.

* 2. Name of school

* 3. City

* 4. Please mark all the devotional practices in which you participated.

* 5. Which of the devotional practices had the greatest effect on your spiritual life?

* 6. Please rate the following with 1 being the least helpful and 5 the most helpful in your spiritual life.

  N/A 1 2 3 4 5
Sacred Heart of Jesus Project
Marian Devotions
Devotions in Honor of the Saints
Immersed in Saving Grace
Ignatian Spiritual Exercises
On Retreat with Pope Francis - Spiritual Exercises
Home Prayer Kits

* 7. What type of other devotional practice would be helpful to you in your spiritual life?

* 8. As a parent, did your family receive and use the prayer kit at home?

* 9. As a teacher, did each student take the prayer kit home during the year?

* 10. If you answered no to Questions 8, please explain.

* 11. As a parent, do you feel that the devotional practices have had an impact on your child/children?

* 12. As a parent, were you made aware of the various devotional practices offered to the students?