Church Worker Recruitment

All professions need to recruit. Pastors and deacons are no different. Often, but not always, we are the only face and voice encouraging parishioners to consider a vocation in the Church. But we are not alone. In this vocation we walk together in a Synod so we can do things greater than is possible for ourselves. Please consider dutifully your vocation as you answer the follow questions designed to help our profession better address future recruitment strategies.

* 1. What do you, and the parish you serve, do to promote profession church work recruitment? (List all answers.)

* 2. What could the synod and her synodical institutions of higher learning (CLTS, CLS, CUCA) do to help you recruit professional church workers in your parish? (List all suggestions.)

* 3. What are the greatest obstacles the church will face in carrying out the task of professional church worker recruitment? (List all suggestions)