* 1. I find myself anxiously awaiting the latest releases in technology.

* 2. I often wonder how long something will last before I buy it.

* 3. If I buy a certain product, I don't mind compromising a bit on quality if it benefits the environment.

* 4. I find myself discarding clothes often because they are no longer in style.

* 5. It is irritating how products change in style and compatibility seemingly every year.

* 6. There is nothing wrong with a company making less durable products for the sake of higher profit margins. 

* 7. Companies have to fulfill a responsibility to the environment, however big or small that responsibility may be. 

* 8. Regulations on manufacturers are far too strict.

* 9. I currently work in an industry (or aspire to) that constantly requires the purchase of new software and computer hardware

* 10. A nation should prioritize economic growth over environmental sustainability. 

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