2017-2018 College Fairs Evaluation

College/University Representatives, please provide a comparative rating based on your experiences with other college fairs, and then comment on the following topics. If you were not the person attending the fair(s), please forward to the person who attended on behalf of your institution.

* 1. Please indicate which WACAC College Fairs you attended

* 2. Fair Registration/Information Provided - Compared to other fairs, this was:

* 3. Facilities/Parking/Setup of this Fair - Compared to other fairs, this was:

* 4. Additional Comments/Suggestions:

* 5. Hospitality/Efforts to Make You Comfortable - Compared to other fairs, this was:

* 6. Additional Comments/Suggestions:

* 7. Preparedness of the Students Attending - Compared to other fairs, this was:

* 8. Additional Comments/Suggestions:

* 9. Would you be interested in presenting a breakout session at this fair next year?

* 10. If you answered yes to the previous question, what topics would you like to present on? 

* 11. Thank you! If you would like to receive a call/email in regards to any of your comments, please leave your name, school, email, and phone number here.