Workshops by International and Academic Experts at ICTIEE 2017

ICTIEE 2017 has attracted more than 30 international experts in engineering education. Several of these international experts as well as several national experts will be offering workshops on various topic of interest to engineering faculty and students.

Workshops are offered at Hyderabad (Vardhaman College of Engineering), Rajkot (RK University) and Jaipur (Manipal University Jaipur). These workshops are FREE for those who are registered participants of ICTIEE 2017. You may also register for individual workshops by paying for a one-day pass of Rs.1,000 at the venue.

Details of academic workshops are below. Please register here for any of them. You should register here if you are already registered for ICTIEE 2017 or are planning to register or if you plan to only come for the workshop on one-day pass.

Workshops are open to faculty as well as students.

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