* 1. What is your age?

* 2. Do you have children, or how close are you to having children?

* 3. What age range do you view as the "Ideal" age to start a family?

* 4. How would you best describe the amount of baby stuff that you have purchased or acquired before a pregnancy?

* 5. What best describes your experience with baby fever?

* 6. Share your story: Have you done any preparation for being a mom--taking classes, research, babysitting, early childhood education, etc.? Share your experience below, and how you think these things prepared you or are preparing you to become a mother.

* 7. Share your Story: What are/were your coping mechanisms for dealing with Baby Fever and the desire to have children? In what ways have you stayed busy, dealt with emotions, etc.?

* 8. Share your Story: Do you have any ideas or tips for saving money or budgeting as it relates to preparing for and having children?

* 9. If you are a mom already, what is one piece of "mom advice" you can give to someone who is desiring to have a baby?

* 10. If you DO NOT give permission for the above information to be used in statistics or quoted for publication in Laura Noelle's ebook "Intentional Pregnancy", LEAVE THIS BOX BLANK. If you DO give permission for the above information to be used or quoted, please type your FIRST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the box below. If your quote or story is published, your name will not be used, but I will email you a complimentary PDF copy of the ebook. Questions? Email Laura@angelinkilluminations.com

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