* 1. Were you aware of the roles played by Keith, Gloria, and Peter in the creation of Native Studies and Native Language curricula before viewing the film?

  Yes No
Keith Lickers
Gloria Thomas
Peter Hill
Without seeing the film would you have known about the roles and contributions of Keith, Gloria, and Peter?

* 2. How did learning about the contributions to education in Ontario by Keith, Gloria, and Peter make you feel?

* 3. What stood out for you in the film?

* 4. Have you read Paul Chaput's online thesis "Native Studies in Ontario High Schools: Revitalizing Indigenous Cultures in Ontario"? (available at: https://goo.gl/febGUh)

* 5. Do you think film is more suited to communicating findings back to the community than a written thesis?

* 6. Having seen the film, are you now more likely to read the Thesis?

* 7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the usefulness of film as a format to communicate academic findings back to the community?

* 8. Do you feel the material in the film is valuable to the community?

* 9. Would you recommend this film:

  Yes No
a. to others in your community?
b. to Indigenous contacts outside of your community?
c. to non-Indigenous contacts?
d. for use in Native Studies courses?

* 10. Check off all categories that pertain to you (answers to this questionnaire are anonymous):

k. Member of the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation
l. Indigenous
m. Non-Indigenous
n. Teacher
o. Public School Student (k-12+)
p. Private School Student (k-12+)
q. Undergraduate Student
r. Graduate Student (Master's)
s. School Board Trustee
t. Employee of a School Board