Make your request for tools from knitcraft & knittery to be provided through the Community-Fund.

[Note: Requests must be for individual needles, cables, or hooks - interchangeable sets are ineligible. Requests are limited to 2 items from each item type (ie: needles, cables, or hooks) per person per month.]

Requests will be taken on a rolling basis. Once a request is received, I will make a post on instagram asking community members to fulfill it. The post will not provide any personal details and the person making the request does not need to engage with this post in any way.

Once your request is fulfilled:
At this stage, you will receive an order update email from me saying that your "order" has been created. You will also be asked to pay shipping at this time if you declared that you can cover your own shipping cost. Then I'll ship your item(s) and we wait for them to arrive!

Question Title

* 1. What product are you requesting? (If requesting more than one thing, please include all of the details below for each individual item.)

Please include the following:

1) Brand (ChiaoGoo, Kinki Amibari, Clover)

2) Product Type (interchangeable needles, fixed needles, straight needles, crochet hook, or interchangeable cable)
     2a) If requesting interchangeables, include needle length (2", 4", or 5")
     2b) If requesting cables, include length.

3) Size (in US sizes or mm)
     3a) If requesting cables, indicate the sizing group for the screw
           (ex: ChiaoGoo sells cables in Mini, Small, and Large)

Question Title

* 2. Are you able to cover shipping?

Question Title

* 3. Your email address.

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* 4. Have you made a customer account on with your full name, the email address provided above, and your address? Your request cannot be fulfilled until an account is made.

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