Waiting List for Spring 2020 Classes

This is the waiting list for Professor Ng's Spring 2020 Classes
For the first week of classes Regular students should use the CSUN Automated Wait List available through the CSUN portal. http://www.csun.edu/anr/soc/guides/waitlist.html

After the first week a separate waiting list will be used and administered by Prof. Ng. You sign up for that waiting list here.

1. At the end of the first week, a random number generator will be used to rank the students on the list.
2. Students on the waiting list will be notified by email and given permission numbers to add the class as seats open.
3. The permission numbers will be good for 48 hours.
4. If a student doesn't use the permission number to add the class within the allotted time, the open seat will be passed on to the next student on the list. 
5. Seats will continue to be given out until the 4th week of class.
6. The waiting list will be posted online at CSUNEcon.com so students can monitor their position on the list. The list will be updated daily.

Once you have completed the questions below and clicked done to submit your responses, nothing more need be done except wait for an email with your permission number to enroll in the class.

Question Title

* 1. Which class would you like to add? Choose one or more classes.

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* 2. What is your name?

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* 3. What is your email address?