Application Instructions

All renters in the City of San Bernardino who meet the eligibility requirements may receive onetime rental assistance under the Eviction Prevention Program. Eligible households  can receive assistance to cover past due rents.  Funds are paid directly to the landlord.  Please review the FAQ at the City website for a description of eligibility.  The application will allow you to upload your eligibility documentation.  Information contained in this application will be provided to the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB) for processing.
Here is what you need

1. A form of identification
2. A copy of your lease agreement
3. Proof of income of all family members dated within 60 days (establishing that your household is low-income)
4. Documentation demonstrating a COVID-19 related impact.
5. Notice of Rent Arrears or Demand Letter or invoice from the landlord

You will not be eligible for assistance without providing the above eligibility documentation. A complete application, including uploaded eligibility documentation, is REQUIRED to be considered for assistance.  

You will NOT be able to submit an application without uploading the required  eligibility documentation.

You must be a renter within the City limits for the City of San Bernardino.   Many people live in a county pocket surrounded by the City  - if you are not sure, please click on the link for the City Boundaries for San Bernardino

Question Title

* 1. Are you a renter within the  San Bernardino City limits?  

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