1. Introduction to the Questionnaire

In this time of crisis it is urgent to promote and support libraries adapting and shaping their message to the 21st century, especially their potential as cultural and economic assets. The use of social media has become increasingly important in this process nowadays. It provides libraries and its advocates for a whole new range of possibilities to reach out to their communities.
My name is Federica Marangio. I am the Advocacy Support Officer of IFLA (the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, www.ifla.org).
I kindly ask you to spend some minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire. It explores new forms of collaboration that link people and resources and that provide conditions to enable everyone to take part in cultural environments.
A good environment inspires and strengthens the role of librarians in the society, it offers tools and support to build an active, engaged and meaningful professional life. No matter where you live, if you commit yourself in a healthy, international and modern environment you make your system more vibrant and contribute to its growth and improvement.
The respondents I am looking for are new and senior professionals and students of LIS schools. To this end it is extremely important to include some personal information.
The results survey will make it possible to create a picture of what we think of the new ways of collaboration for libraries. They will be presented in an IFLA workshop for LIS students on their views and expectations of becoming a “New Professional” at the international symposium BOBCATSSS 2011 in Hungary www.bobcatsss2011.com. If you would like to know about the results please send an email to: Federica.marangio@ifla.org .
Thanks for your collaboration.
Federica Marangio

* 1. Do you have a facebook/twitter account?

* 2. Are you:

* 3. Who is in your opinion the new advocate?

* 4. What skills and competencies does the new advocate need to have?

* 5. Advocating for libraries means: