Public input is an important and valued part of the budget preparation process. Accordingly, the following survey has been developed to help us understand what you believe should be the City’s General Fund priorities.

The services listed below are representative of those that are funded in large part by the General Fund, and are not fully offset be fees or fines. Please rate the following services by how they make the City of Long Beach better for you.

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Providing free or low-cost recreation programs for youth and teens
Maintaining and repairing public buildings (community and senior centers, fire stations, libraries, etc.)
Providing special events and programs for families
Maintaining a low crime rate
Preparing the community for emergencies or disasters
Providing programs for seniors
Maintaining parks
Enforcing traffic laws to protect the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers
Providing fire protection services
Keeping the City attractive and eliminating blight
Planning for the future of the city
Maintaining and repairing streets (fixing potholes, etc.)
Creating new parks and open space
Providing business assistance and supporting economic development
Providing access to libraries (hours of operation)
Paying down the City’s unfunded liabilities (pensions, heath care, etc.)
Maintaining and repairing sidewalks
Reducing ocean pollution by improving storm drains
Providing library books, media, access to technology, programs and services (reading, homework help, etc.)
Providing animal care/animal control services
Providing code enforcement services (citing blighted buildings, etc.)
Providing prompt graffiti removal services
Providing specialized Police units (property crimes, directed enforcement, etc.)
Providing arts and cultural programs
Providing public access to the internet
Maintaining a strong budget reserve
Trimming trees on residential streets
Providing environmental sustainability programs
Providing nuisance abatement programs (loitering, illegal drug activity, excessive noise, etc.)
Providing translating services (Language Access)
Providing neighborhood police patrols
Providing services and identifying solutions that address homelessness
Providing emergency medical services (paramedics, EMS)
Prosecuting all adult misdemeanor crimes committed in the City
Providing affordable housing
Collecting illegally dumped items
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