The City of Long Beach has an annual budget of approximately $2.8 billion.  The only portion of the budget that is completely discretionary is the General Fund, which accounts for only 20 percent ($560 million) of the total budget.  The General Fund provides much of the resources for critical City services, including police patrol, fire response, parks and recreation, library services, and streets and sidewalks. 

Public input is an important and valued part of the budget preparation process.  Accordingly, the following survey has been developed to help us understand what you believe should be the City’s budget priorities.

For each of the services, programs, and actions listed below, please tell us how important it is to you personally: extremely important, very important, somewhat important, or not too important.

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  Extremely Important Very Important Somewhat Important Not Too Important No Opinion
Providing police patrol and response
Responding to mental health and domestic violence issues
Providing programs to retain, expand, and attract businesses to Long Beach
Providing services and programs for seniors
Providing legal advice and support for renters
Taking actions across City departments to address systemic racism and reduce inequities in access to services
Providing health services to disadvantaged pregnant women, children, and families
Maintaining natural gas and water systems in good physical condition
Rescuing animals and connecting them with new families
Maintaining public parks in good physical condition
Providing access to libraries and library programs
Investing in disease control and prevention programs
Retaining and attracting small businesses and supporting tourism and the Convention Center
Maintaining bridges and alleys
Providing fire protection services
Maintaining police units focused on reducing gangs, drugs, and violence
Providing affordable housing
Enforcing zoning and building regulations
Providing nuisance abatement programs to address loitering, illegal drug activity, excessive noise, and illegally dumped items
Providing after-school activities and programs for young people
Making City documents and live meetings available in multiple languages
Enforcing traffic laws to protect the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers
Maintaining City’s buildings in good physical condition
Providing recreational opportunities and programs
Keeping the City attractive and removing blight
Improving City technology to prevent hacking and cyberattacks that could disrupt city services
Preparing for earthquakes, wildfires and other natural disasters and major emergencies
Providing ambulance services
Maintaining police work focused on property crimes
Keeping streets in good repair
Providing services that address homelessness
Maintaining wastewater and flood prevention systems
Providing public access to the Internet
Supporting job-training and job-placement programs
Improving local air and water pollution
Keeping sidewalks in good repair
Providing cultural and arts opportunities
Building new parks in areas where there are few of them
Providing graffiti removal
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