The Center for Victim Research (CVR) and the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) want to better understand your interest in and use of research, data, and empirical evidence to better inform your service provision. We are also interested in how we can support you, given your interests. 

This survey is expected to take 10 minutes or less, and includes eight questions about your interests and needs regarding research, five questions about you and your organization or agency, and four questions specific to CVR.
Research, Data, and Evaluations

Question Title

* 1. Research information can come in many forms. Please rate your interest in each of the following formats of research information on victimization and victim services.

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Somewhat Disinterested Not at all Interested
Full-text journal articles
Full-text reports
1- or 2-page brief reports summarizing research study findings
Lengthier summaries of existing research on different areas of victimization (literature reviews, syntheses, etc.)
Statistical overviews of victimization topics
Webinars or other virtual presentations
In-person presentations (conference plenary/workshop)
Facilitated small group discussion (live or virtual brown bag, journal club, etc.)