* 1. Please check the boxes to indicate how your child participated in our classes - multiple check marks may apply

  Yes - Applies to my junior sailor
Full Days for a Full Session
Half Days for a Full Session
Flex Days - signed up for session marked above, but adjusted days where needed
PAY PER DAY - Scattered Days where we could fit them into our busy schedule
ONLY Attended Bring A Friend Day(s)
Age 8 - 10
Age 11 - 14
Age 15 - 17
Also brought a friend on Bring A Friend Day
Also participated in a Regatta

* 2. How likely is it that you would recommend WYC Junior Sail to a neighbor, friend, or family member?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 3. Does your Junior Sailor report that class sessions felt organized, with specific lessons planned each day?

* 4. Did your Junior Sailor report that concepts were taught too fast, too slow, or about right?

* 5. If your Junior Sailor had a specific fear (fish, heavy wind, bigger boats, waves, heeling over, capsizing, falling overboard, etc), how well did our instructors work with your him/her personally to feel safe or build confidence to win over fears?

* 6. In 2016,our curriculum goals were 1) teach more skills, more quickly than other programs, and 2) to measure progress in ways that were so fun, junior sailors would not notice. We utilized a skills chart and certified each sailor's accomplishments and shared them with each junior sailor at the end of our program.  Please ask your student about their accomplishments and answer the following

* 7. In 2017, we will be improving our session schedules and adding more options.  Please help us understand your scheduling needs and your student's interests as we choose from many options and plans

  Yes - We want this Maybe helpful No - Do not like this change N/A - Does not apply to our family
Starter level classes - ages 5 - 7 years old with separate staffing
Before/After Care - to allow early drop off/late pick up
Spring sessions for Racing Teams - weekends or afternoons in May
Saturday classes
One-on-one coaching times - evenings or weekends
Special Race Clinic Weeks - aligned by specific racing event
Advanced adventure track - non-racing focus for lifelong love of sailing
Defined sessions - in 1 or 2 week blocks on specific topics and levels - separating skill levels
If more, shorter sessions, KEEP a full season option for those who want it
Sessions that continue into August
Mackinac Race Week - no classes - families who participate do not miss anything
Optimist Series Racing - participation in the full season of regattas May - August
Hosting a regatta in Waukegan
Sears, Bemis, Smythe National Youth Championship participation
Windsurfing lessons
Sail-loft/sail-maker field trip
Yacht Race Event - Junior Sailors crew in a special yacht race
Accessible Classes - for different abilities on special class days
Team Racing Concepts - preparation for college racing

* 8. My Junior Sailor reports learning from the instructors checked below

  Learon   (lead instructor) Colin (program director) James (instructor) Nick (instructor) Joe (instructor) Ray (assistant) Abby (assistant) Graeme (jr assistant) India (jr assistant) Sarah (jr assistant)
Answered my questions
Great at teaching
Believed in me
Helped me when I was scared
Patient coach
Direct & respectful when I broke the rules
Mean or bossy

* 9. Please rate your personal experience interacting with our staff leaders, planners, and regatta coaches. Feel free to leave blanks where you did not observe or experience what is asked.

  Learon  (coach & chaperone - Kaszube) Colin (program director, parent volunteer organizer, Kaszube chaperone) Nick (coach - North Shore Cup)
N/A - I did not observe this staff member
Answered my questions patiently
Represented WYC Junior Sail well (to other programs or organizations)
Above and beyond expectations

* 10. Please share any feedback you would like to share, which we did not cover in the questions above