Our County, Our Families, Our Communities

Our union contract expires later this year. We are making preparations to negotiate the best possible contract that will lift up our county, our families and our communities.

So how would you Fix LA? How can the County improve services, strengthen the social safety net and better equip employees to meet the needs of people we serve?

The world has changed politically and economically. We must ask ourselves these questions to create a winning strategy for both us and the communities we serve. The negotiating environment may be tough, but recent successful fights have demonstrated that SEIU 721 members gain the most when we unite behind bargaining strategies that win public support for our efforts.

With that in mind, please provide input on what our highest priorities should be. You will be asked about issues that impact our families and the communities we serve because our futures are tied together.

This contract is an opportunity to make Los Angeles a better place to live and work, and to advance policies that demonstrate the experience, compassion and pride we bring to our jobs and the populations we serve. If we can remove obstacles, we can Fix LA.

Return your completed survey to your worksite organizer or steward, or drop it off at SEIU 721 on or before March 2, 2015. --SEIU 721 County Bargaining Policy Committee