LAC Tutors,
Please complete this short survey to indicate how frequently you use the following activities in your tutoring now that you have completed the tutor training course, LERN 10.

This is an anonymous survey. No personal data are collected on you. Please respond honestly and thoughtfully.

Thank you so much.

1. While tutoring, how often do you...

  Usually Often Sometimes Very Little
1. Have excellent knowledge of the subject you tutor.
2. Use praise and other motivational techniques.
3. Ask probing, open-ended questions.
4. Listen carefully to your students' questions and ideas.
5. Explain using words your students can understand.
6. Help students find their own answers through dialogue.
7. Incorporate study strategies into your sessions.
8. Greet students in a friendly and respectful manner.
9. Look for your students' learning styles and tutor using their style of learning.
10. Apply your awareness of cultural differences to your sessions.
11. Find that enough tutors are hired in your subject area.
12. Feel personally engaged and enthusiastic throughout your tutoring sessions.

2. Do you use the following resources in your tutoring?

  Usually Often Sometimes Very Little
1. Look to your supervisor as a helpful resource.
2. Use information learned from the Tutor Training course.
3. Use information learned from the Tutor Training Manual.

3. The staff at the Tutorial Counter are friendly and helpful.

4. What subject do you tutor most?

5. In which of the following programs are you employed?