This is a survey for ALL lItigators and In-house counsel involved in settling cases, regardless of their litigation specialty or location within the United States ("Litigators"). All participants will be offered the opportunity to receive a summary of the survey results.

The survey seeks information about Litigators' current and changing practices and strategies, in a time of court orders and/or requests that the parties use ADR, in an attempt to settle cases before trial. Some of the survey questions focus on mediation, as the ADR process most commonly used (unless an underlying agreement or law requires another method (typically arbitration).
All questions are multiple choice, with extra with extra space provided for optional comments.

We know that each case (and client) is unique. Though it is hard to generalize, please provide your best, if imperfect, answers to each question, to help us gather a broad picture of attorneys' experiences and views about mediation and settlement. There are comment boxes along the way, and a comment window at the end, to clarify your views, or raise additional areas of concern.

Only the first four demographic questions require an answer. If you have no involvement with any other question's subject matter, please leave it blank and move to the next question. There are 20 substantive multiple choice questions, commencing with question #5
The Survey is anonymous, so please be candid in your answers. It is not scientific, but more participants = greater accuracy of the results.

Thanks for participating!

Los Angeles County Bar Association
Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Section ("ELIPS")

* 1. Which of the following describes you best

* 2. Number of years practicing law (of any kind)?

* 3. Are your cases primarily in LA County Superior Court and/or California Central District Federal Court?

* 4. Are you generally:

* 5. Approximately what percentage of your cases go to mediation?

* 6. Your overall assessment of mediation today

* 7. My overall approach to settlement is: (Choose one:)

* 8. External factors that affect my thinking about the time to settle: (choose as many as apply to your practice)

* 9. Suggesting mediation or settlement talks to opposing counsel is something: