1. Suggestion Box Submission

Welcome to Red Rock BHS' Client Suggestion Box. The Suggestion Box is an opportunity for Red Rock clients and friends/family members of clients to provide feedback or suggestions on how to improve the services you or your friend/family member have received at Red Rock BHS.  Your suggestion is confidential unless you choose to leave identifying information.

Suggestions are used to help determine if Red Rock is meeting the current needs of clients, offering services that are needed, and identifying possible new opportunities for development of new programs and services.

The Client Suggestion Box offers clients and/or friends/family members of clients the opportunity share their input regarding their expectations and preferences related to Red Rock's provision of services.   

* 1. Client's Name or Name of Friend/Family Member of Client

* 2. Location of Red Rock office where services are received by you or your friend/family member:

* 3. What is your suggestion for improving services at this Red Rock office?

* 4. Is there a situation that you would like to see changed?

* 5. What is your suggestion for improving the situation?

* 6. How will this change better serve you or your friend/family member?

* 7. If you would like a response from a Red Rock employee, please share your name, email address, and/or telephone number in the box below.