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RSVP Process
Venue & Location
Number/Variety of Auction Items

The 2013 Gala introduced two new features: BidBoard mobile bidding app and the Treasure Chest Raffle.
Please tell us what you thought of them so we can continue to improve our events.

* 2. How easy was it to bid in the silent auction using the BidBoard mobile bidding app?

* 3. What was your experience with the BidBoard bidding app? (please check all that apply)

* 4. How would you prefer to bid in the silent auction?

* 5. Please tell us what you thought of the Treasure Chest Raffle:
(This is the activity in which guests could purchase a key to open the two "treasure chests" for a chance to win two prizes.)

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Number of Keys Available (50)
Prizes (Airline tickets or IPad)
Price Point ($100)

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