1. Fun Event!

We would like to plan a FUN event for Fall 2011. It has been suggested that we have a golf tournament, followed by a chili cook-off. That way, golfers and non-golfers alike can get together and have a good time with chili, drinks, friends and colleagues!

Let's hear what you think!

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. Would you like to have a golf tournament along with the chili cook-off

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* 3. As a firm or organization (really, anyone could could put together a team and do it), would you participate in a fun, competitive Chili Cook-off? (This means preparing your own special chili to serve to a crowd of fellow marketing professionals!)

Prizes would be given for the HOTTEST chili, the BEST TASTING chili and the QUESTIONABLE CONTENTS chili!

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* 4. If you are not a golfer or a chili chef, would you go to a fun event like this as an attendee?

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* 5. While you are thinking of fun events...if golf and chili don't appeal to you, how about recommending another idea!

Thank you for completing this quick survey. We will get back to you on the idea of a fun golf tournament and chili cook-off!

Donna Tschiffely
DMAW Executive Director