Proposed First Cuts to 2018 WEP Center Proposals.

Please indicated your company's interest in each project (one submittal per member company) using the following guidelines: Select 5 projects of High Interest, 10 Projects of Medium Interest, and 19 of Low Interest. If there is only ONE project of interest please note that and Do NOT evaluate any other projects. We will Ensure this project gets funded.

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* 1. Please Indicate Your Company's Interest on the Following Proposals:

  High Medium Low Only Project of Interest (Must Be Funded)
Real-Time Detection of VOCs (A. Dorri)
Pilot Experiment to Integrate WQ Data Streams into RTC of GI (A. Parolari)
Removal & Recovery of Ammonia Using amtB Protein (B. Mayer)
Continuous & Static Water Contaminant Detection System (C. Hoon Lee)
Nanotechnology Policy and Governance Strategies (D. Strifling)
Artificial Phytoplankton for Remediation of Water Containing Organic Pollutants (G. Wang)
Development of Online Sensor System for Monitoring Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Treatment Plants (F. Josse & F. Bender)
Pilot Study of Biogas Water Wash Purification and Renewable NG Generate at WWTP (J. Li)
As Removal Capacity & Efficiency in Water Purification (J. Niu)
Phase II Hydrogel Filter for Heavy Metal Removal (J. Niu)
Catalytic Adsorbent for POP Removal (J. Niu)
Comparison of Advanced Oxidation Processes Energy & Efficiency, as a Wastewater Treatment Technology to Remove Emerging Contaminants from Treated Effluent (K. Young)
Robust and Energy Efficient Fault Detection and Diagnosis of WWTP based on Intelligent Deep Learning (L. Wang)
Comprehensive Study and Workshop on Opportunities and Challenges of Deploying IoT and CPS Technologies in Water and Wastewater Industries (L. Wang)
Developing a Novel Controller to Enable Intelligent, Grid-responsive Electric Water heaters (L. Wang)
Non-invasive Ultrasonic Detection of sub-𝜆 Biofilm using Acoustic Waveguide Amplification: From Concept to Prototype (M. Silva)
Engineered Porous Material for the Removal of Pb and Hg from Water (M. Silva)
Development of Microbial Fuel Cell with Zeolite Based-coated Anode for Improved Performance on Generation of Energy from Wastewater (M. Silva)
Engineered Porous Material for the Removal of POPs from Water (M. Silva)
Static, Robust, Low-Cost Flow Metering Technologies (N. Salowitz)
Ultra-low P Regulations: Improving Removal of NRP and Downstream Dewaterability in Bio-P Biosolids, Phase II (P. McNamara)
Novel Surface Micro Structure and Low-cost Surface Treatments to Reduce Drag, Energy Consumption, and Corrosion in Water Transport Systems (P. Rohatgi)
Advanced Surface Alloying of Mild Steel to Stainless Steel Compositions During Manufacture for Improving the Corrosion and Wear Resistance of Water Industry Components, Phase III (P. Rohatgi)
Developing Water Reactive Hydrophobic Self-healing surface with long-term corrosion protection (P. Rohatgi)
Low-Cost Burst Disk Leak Detection using Micromachined Membranes (R. Coutu)
Low-Cost Differential Pressure Sensing Using Micromachined Membranes (R. Coutu)
Low-Cost Pressure Sensing using Micromachined Membranes (R. Coutu)
Low- Cost Active Controls to Improve GI Performance (W. McDonald)
Evaluating and Proposing Engineering, Policy, and Legal Options to Guide RTC of Stormwater Infrastructure (W. McDonald)
Highly Sensitive and Selective As Detection (W. Jin Chang)
Porous Graphene-based Capacitive Deionization Device for Selective Removal of Heavy Metals (X. Huang)
Modified Ceramic Adsorbents for the Removal of As, Se, and Viruses (Y. Wang) 
Enhancing Biosolid Energy Production with Chaff and Ash: Phase II (J. Liu)
Grit Assisted Patch for Fast and Reinforced Pothole Repair (J. Liu)

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