Informed Consent

Investigator: Jasmen Rice, MA
I am a student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and I am asking you to participate in a research study. This study is being conducted as a part of my dissertation requirement for the Clinical PsyD program and has been approved by The Chicago School of Professional Psychology's Institutional Review Board. Please take your time to read the information below that explains the study.
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine factors influencing diagnostic impressions of older adults.
Procedures: The procedure involves completing an online survey that will take approximately 5-10 minutes. You will be asked to read provided DSM-5 criteria for two neurological disorders, as well as a clinical vignette. You will then be asked a series of questions related to the vignette. The survey questions will be about diagnostic impressions and how influential certain aspects of the vignette were in your decision. There will also be demographic questions regarding primary population seen, years in practice as a licensed clinician, highest degree held, profession, age, gender, and race/ethnicity.
Risks to Participation: There are no foreseeable physical, emotional, or social risks involved in this study.
Benefits to Participants: You will not directly benefit from this study; however, the information learned from this study may benefit society in our understanding of how certain client factors influence diagnostic impressions within the mental health field. Results from this study may also help inform clinical practice and improve advocacy for the older adults.
Alternatives to Participation: Participation in this study is voluntary. You may withdraw from the study at any time without any penalty.
Confidentiality: Anonymity and confidentiality will be maintained through SurveyMonkey's "Anonymous Responses" option. With this option selected, all respondent information, such as, IP address, will be excluded in data collection. Data collected in this study will be reported only in the aggregate and no individual will be identified. All data is stored in a password protected electronic format. The results of this study will be used for scholarly purposes only and will be shared with representatives of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Your research records may be reviewed by federal agencies whose responsibility is to protect human subjects participating in research, including the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) and by representatives from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Institutional Review Board, a committee that oversees research. Additionally, research materials will be kept for a minimum of five years after publication per APA guidelines.
Questions/Concerns: If you have questions related to the procedures described in this document please contact the primary investigator, Jasmen Rice, at or the dissertation chair, Faith Sproul, PhD, at If you have questions concerning your rights in this research study you may contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is concerned with the protection of subjects in research project. You may reach the IRB office Monday-Friday by calling 312-467-2343 or writing: Institutional Review Board, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 325 N. Wells, Chicago, Illinois, 60654.
Consent to Participate in Research
By clicking the “next” link below, I agree that I have read the above information and understand the research project. The procedures involved have been explained to me. I agree to participate in this study. My participation is voluntary and I can exit the study at any time. I understand to whom I may direct my questions