Patient Experience Survey

* 1. Who is your primary care giver?

* 2. In this practice, when I call to get an appointment, I am able to get an appointment as soon as I feel I need one.

* 3. When I call the office, I get an answer to my medical question as soon as I need it.

* 4. My provider listens to my concerns and questions.

* 5. My provider gives me easy to understand instructions about how to take care of my health problems or concerns.

* 6. When my provider orders blood tests, x-rays, other tests, someone from the office follows up to give me the results.

* 7. My provider communicates with other health professionals about my care (such as specialists, therapists).

* 8. The nurses, receptionists, lab technicians and other staff treat me with respect and care.

* 9. In the last 12 months, how often did someone in the practice ask you if there are things that make it hard for you to take care of your health?

* 10. What type of insurance do you currently have?