1. National Association of Hospital Play Staff National Survey

Dear Colleague

There has been a long history of recommendations by the Department of Health for qualified hospital play staff to be employed in all areas where children are cared for in health services. More recently, the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services set the rationale and standards for achieving this.

The National Association of Hospital Play Staff (NAHPS) is conducting a national survey of hospitals throughout the UK in order to assess how far this is being implemented. The first hospital play survey was undertaken by Save the Children Fund in 1985 and this was followed by a NAHPS national survey in 2000 which showed how far play facilities had improved since that time. There is now a need to update, review and add further detail to the data to help us:-
• with our application to The Health Professions Council to become a registered health profession;. The Council is set up to protect the public and has made specific requests for information on how hospital play specialists practice.
• advise the Care Quality Commission on how we are reaching play service standards
• to contribute to the NHS Workforce Review Team., specifically to identify any potential shortfalls in our work force
• support the ongoing development in the training and education of hospital play staff.

NAHPS would be grateful for your participation in this national survey and will treat all information as confidential. No names of hospitals, wards or individuals will be disclosed and the completed questionnaires will only be available to the persons undertaking the enquiry on behalf of NAHPS
Yours Sincerely
Norma Jun-Tai Chairman National Association of Hospital Play Staff