* 1. Do you regularly attend the monthly CMBA general meeting? (Second Tuesday of the month)

* 2. If you don’t attend or attend rarely, why?

* 3. During the general meeting, there is a presentation on a business topic. Which business topics would interest you?

* 4. Through your membership in the CMBA, your business can choose to participate in the Cedar Mill Farmers’ Market, The Cedar Mill Park Concert and the Cider Festival. Are there additional Cedar Mill events you would like to see us become involved in?

* 5. Last year the CMBA donated $1,000 to the Birthday Club at Sunset High School (Which supplies homeless children with gift cards on their birthday). What other Cedar Mill charitable events/organizations would you like to see us involved with?

* 6. In addition to the CMBA general meeting would you like opportunities to attend:

* 7. Thinking of the events above, what would be the best times of the day for you to attend?

* 8. Why did you join the CMBA?

* 9. What would bring additional value to your membership?

* 10. Would you like to have an announcement or event regarding your business posted on the CMBA Facebook page? Please enter your announcement or event below. Please let us know how your business is listed on Facebook so we can find you and “like” you. If you would like to do this at a later time you can contact Rosalea Peters at rosalea@weomedia.com

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