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The purpose of the Voter Choice Project is to find out how people choose who to vote for. You can read more details and answers to frequently asked questions at any time on the Voter Choice Project website.

This is a catch-up survey which includes the most important questions from the previous surveys, so it will take a little longer than normal. Please allow half an hour to complete it, or longer if you like to make lengthy comments.

You will be asked about your general political knowledge, your involvement and interest in politics, your media use, how you are planning on voting in the upcoming federal election and how you have voted in the past, and your thoughts on candidates. We will also some questions about you personally. At the end of most question sets there is an open text box where you can write anything extra you’d like to say about that topic. 

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary; you can change your mind at any time and stop completing the survey without consequences. Most questions are not required, so if you don't want to answer something, just skip it and continue on. 

The Voter Choice Project is committed to protecting your privacy: no information you give us here will ever be released in a way that can identify you. For more information, read our Research Information Privacy Policy

If you have concerns about the research, please feel free to contact Raphaella Kathryn Crosby on 0434 161 434 or email

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