Congratulations! You are invited to submit a design to be featured in the Purposely Famous clothing and merchandise line.

It’s time to highlight YOUR message to the world in a bigger way and get paid for it along the way (Cha-ching!$$$)… and we are honored to provide a platform for you to do this now.

A design can mean any idea, logo, message, slogan, or concept that you want to share and our aim is to put the main focus on YOU. 
For example - if you want to create a T-shirt, we'll highlight yours on the front and put a simple #purposelyfamous logo on the pocket or in the back, and we’re open to your suggestions on how to make this a win/win/win (You, the Customer, Purposely Famous) for all.

Please complete this Questionnaire so we can review your ideas. Not all submissions will be accepted so please share your best stuff. We hope to create a long-term impactful and lucrative partnership with you!

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* 1. What is your full name?

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* 2. Your phone number:

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* 3. What is your email address?

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* 4. Purposely Famous’s Mission is all about helping people be purposeful, powerful, confident, and having lots of fun along the way. What is your mission and how does it align with ours?

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* 5. The Purposely Famous audience are people who refuse to settle for less, they want freedom, inspiration, money, and to enjoy the best life has to offer. Who is your audience and how do they align with ours?

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* 6. Describe your ideal Tribe of people who might buy your merchandise: Male or female, age range (7 year range maximum), what is their style, what kind of stores do they usually shop in, what are their biggest problems and dreams, etc.

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* 8. What type of merchandise do you want your design printed on? 
Examples of possibilities include but are not limited to: T-shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, tanks, posters, pop sockets, jackets, leggings, shorts, backpacks, fanny packs, shoes etc...

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* 9. What best describes your brand’s style? Pick one or a combination of multiple styles or add your own. Examples:

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* 10. Design Requirements: All design submissions must be high resolution = 300 dpi, or as close and large as possible because the quality will diminish when they are enlarged.

All images must be submitted in PNG format. Please keep in mind the variety of products the design may be placed on. An intricate design that looks stunning on something like a big t-shirt might lose its appeal when it is scaled down to fit on a small item like a phone case.

After receiving this Questionnaire, we'll send you an email with the next steps so you can share any images, sketches, or documents that represent what you want to appear on your merchandise to us.

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* 11. OUR 3-WAY PARTNERSHIP: Currently, all products are made via Print-on-Demand so I'd consider this a 3-way partnership:

>Partner #1: The Manufacturer = Print-on-Demand to create the product = earns 50% total net profit (If we manufacture on our own in the future, this % decreases and gives You and Purposely Famous way more profit... this is the goal!)

>Partner #2: You= You receive 51% of the net profits left over after manufacturing expenses. This will be 26% of the total cost as shown in the affiliate links.

>Partner #3: PurposelyFamous = We receive 49% of the net profits after manufacturing expenses, which is 24% of the total cost.

Why do you earn more than us? Because we want to set a good example that we can give more than we receive, per the 26/24% ratio in your favor!

For example: 
Let's say we sell a T-shirt with your design on it for $20 USD retail price. 
-It costs $10 to print it with Print-on-Demand = 50% for the manufacturing 
-The remaining profit to be shared between You and Purposely Famous is $10
-Of this $10, you get 26% of the cost shared with Purposely Famous = $5.10 USD
-Then, Purposely Famous gets 24% total cost = $4.90 USD

Since we invest a lot of time, money, and energy promote the product, your story & purpose, we manage the online store, customer service, returns, administrative tasks, guide you on the branding and messaging, and everything else...

All we ask if that you purchase the first product to see if you want any modifications before going public and then help spread the word about it.

In the case above, earning $5.10 for making a design once, ordering 1 sample that you get to keep forever, and helping spread the word adds up! 

*NOTE: Product payments must be received via your unique Affiliate link and your payouts will be paid via Paypal only

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* 12. Our plan is to promote and invest in you and your product on our Instagram page, email list, in the media, and in as many places as possible... but we cannot succeed doing this alone! Where and how will you contribute to help promote your product and news about the Purposely Famous mission?

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* 13. We are excited to highlight the back story on why you created your design; this gives more depth to encourage people to buy products with a purpose! So...
  • Why did you create this design, what does it mean to you?
  • Why do you believe in the Purposely mission?
  • What does being Purposely Famous mean to you?
  • Who do you love helping, what problems do you solve, what dreams do you help people achieve?

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* 14. May we share a photo of you along with your design?

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Disclaimer: Purposely Famous will only choose an exclusive number of designs to feature, so you'll hear from us only if yours is selected. In that case, we'll email you on how to register as an Affiliate partner.

If it is later discovered that you do not represent our purposeful and positive mission ethically, your association with us and products will be removed from the store. 

We hope for a long-term affiliate partnership with you, however, in the case of disputes, we mutually agree to privately discuss matters until we find a solution that we both are content with.

You are required to provide a W9 or W8-Ben document to receive any payments and you are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations as we are too.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Do you have other comments, questions, etc? Thanks in advance, and always stay Purposely Famous!

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