* 1. Do you now, or have you ever, worn Plain clothes or identified yourself as a Plain Quaker?

* 2. What is the most important aspect of dressing Plain for you? Rank in order of importance.

  Not necessary Maybe Most of the time Very important
headcovering or prayer cap
men's hat
modest clothing for men/women
apron or shawl
color, fabric and source is important
price or simplicity of care

* 3. Is authentic or historic details important to your practice of Plain?

* 4. Why or why not?

* 5. If historic or authentic Quaker Plain were available from a Quaker business, what would influence your purchasing decision? (Chose all that apply.)

* 6. Is craftsmanship, handwork or other skills used in the manufacture of products important to your Plain dress testimony?

* 7. These are some of the common reasons that Plain communities give for Plain dress. How many of these are important to you? Chose all that apply.

* 8. If you could purchase a traditional men's hat or women's bonnet, how much would you pay?

* 9. For women only: have you ever purchased or considered purchasing the following? (Chose all that apply.)

* 10. Tell me which Meeting(s) you are most closely affiliated with. If you do not have a Meeting affliation, is there a website that serves as a connection for you? Please let me know.