Pastoral care within Further Education colleges after the implementation of the Equality Act 2010


Thank you for reading this. I would like to invite you to take part in my research study by completing this questionnaire. It is entirely up to you whether you participate but your responses would be valued.
My study seeks to investigate the impact of the Equality Act 2010 on the pastoral care, academic outcomes and institutional behaviour in your college. This survey is to investigate what your opinions are on the pastoral care on offer in your college. I do not need your name however, your demographic data (age, ethnicity, gender, disability and socioeconomic status) is important.

The questionnaire can be completed anonymously, any identifying details will only be seen by me; and all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure confidentiality. Responses from completed questionnaires will be collated for analysis; once this is complete the link will be removed. I intend to retain the dataset for future research; this will not constitute a risk to you in any way. I will not need to print your original questionnaire or retain a copy. If you wish to learn more about the results of the research please contact me. 

Questionnaire instructions

Please fill in the following questionnaire as actually and as truthfully as you can.
If you choose to proceed with the survey, it will constitute a confirmation of your consent.

Thank you for completing this survey.                                                    

* 1. Q1. My age range is 16 – 18 years old, please confirm.

* 2. My Further Education (FE) College is:

* 3. Q2. My mode of study is:

* 4. Q3. I consider myself to have a disability

* 5. Q4. My gender is:

* 6. I and/or my siblings are entitled to a Free School Meal (FSM) or have been on the FSM register in the past 

* 7. Q6. Please CROSS one box to best describe your ethnic group or background.

* 8. My College has informed me about the relationship between absence from college and attainment

* 9. I feel motivated to continue my studies in this college

* 10. I feel safe in this college

* 11. Abuse does not exist in my college

* 12. My college maintains an orderly atmosphere where I feel respected

* 13. My lecturers provide additional support to enhance my academic progress

* 14. I feel my college enhances my engagement in education

* 15. My lecturers encourage me to improve my work

* 16. In my college, I have access to the same opportunity to participate in extracurricular and enrichment activities as everyone else

* 17. My college encourages me to enrol in rigorous courses regardless of my gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status

* 18. I have access to Careers and Guidance Information in the college

* 19. I feel my college prepares me for future educational or career choices

* 20. My college promotes tolerance between learners

* 21. My college has due regard for Equality and Diversity

* 22. My college is welcoming to and facilitates parent/carer involvement 

* 23. In my college, we have a counsellor I can speak to if I need the service 

* 24. My college fosters an appreciation of student diversity and respect for each other

* 25. My college helps young people to make their own decisions - by question and focus, and by information where appropriate 

* 26. I would describe my awareness of the Equality Act 2010 as sufficient 

* 27. I would describe the promotion of the Equality Act 2010 in my college as sufficient

* 28. I feel my knowledge and understanding of Equality and Diversity are sufficiently developed 

* 29. I have not seen or experienced incidences of bullying/harassment in my college

* 30. My college takes incidences of disruptive behaviour very seriously

* 31. In my college, I have not seen or experienced incidences of racist behaviour 

* 32. In my college, I have not seen a student use racist language/comments

* 33. In my college, I have not seen students who ignore others because they are of different ethnic background

* 34. Students at this college take unauthorised absences 

* 35. Equality Act 2010 policy 

  Completely agree Mostly agree Slightly agree Slightly disagree Mostly disagree Completely disagree
The College has provided me with guidance, policies or statements about how the College implements the Equality Act 2010
The College has provided me with guidance about how the College ensures equal treatment of all students, including those from minority ethnic backgrounds
In my view, the College has clear policies and procedures to address equality issues. 

* 36. Kindly provide any further relevant comments that you may have, if not already covered

100% of survey complete.