* 1. How interested are you in the following:

  I couldn't care less I can take it or leave it I'm pretty into it I live for this stuff!

* 2. Related to any of those topics that interest you, how often do you engage in the following online activities:

  Never Rarely From time to time Pretty often Every damn day
Browsing content (photo/video/how-to)
Sharing content
Creating content (photo/video/how-to)
Commenting and discussing

* 3. How much do you agree with the following statements:

  Totally disagree Disagree somewhat No opinion Agree somewhat Totally agree
Online forums are too numerous, extremely fragmented by niche, and often redundant
It is a hassle to have a unique username & password for each different forum or retail website
The technology forums are built on is antiquated and overdue for a major update
I would use forums and blogs more often if the technology was better/easier
I would use forums and blogs more often if it were centralized under one platform
Retail websites in these categories are very numerous and fragmented by niche, making them difficult to find, discover, and price compare
Finding good photo and video content can be challenging because its scattered across so many sites
If content were more engaging and interactive I would spend more time with it
I wish I could easily save/collect my favorite content for future reference
I like to follow influential and knowledgable profiles as a source of information I want
I consider myself a subject matter expert, and would like to have "followers"

* 4. Motoroso aims to be a single website that combines highly interactive content for Auto, Moto, Marine, and Aviation all in one platform, how interesting would this be to you?

* 5. On a site like Motoroso - How interesting are the following features:

  Sounds stupid might be cool I like it That would be amazing
Easily collect and organize all your favorite content across different areas of interest for sharing and future reference
Cataloging and sharing your vehicle projects (restoration, performance, customization, etc)
Creating DIY How-to's from your mobile device
Finding and collecting How-to's created by others
Clickable elements within an image, like videos, information, product details, polls, etc.
A "no-troll" policy that prohibits users from harassing others, doesn't let users hide behind an avatar name.
Follow profiles of brands, publications, service providers, and influential figures to see their latest content in a feed

* 6. If Motoroso existed, rate the following taglines on how they resonate with you:

  Sounds stupid Not too bad Pretty good I really like it It's perfect
For the love of motoring
For the driven
The network for Gearheads
Find what drives you

* 7. What is your email address?