2017 SFE Gardeners' Survey

Please take 5-7 minutes to complete our annual survey to help us provide support for existing and emerging community gardens in the Edmonton area. This survey is meant to reflect your personal experience as a community gardener. As always with this survey, individual responses are kept confidential (only aggregate survey results are shared).

To be entered into the draw, please enter your email address in the comment box for Question#12.

Question Title

* 1. What benefits do you see in belonging to a community garden? Please check all that apply.

Question Title

* 2. Please tell us a bit about yourself:

  A B C
How far do you live from your garden? A) < 5 blocks B) btw 5-10 blocks C) > 10 blocks
How do you travel to the garden? A) bike or walk B) carpool or drive C) public transit
How long have you been a community gardener? A) 1st season B) 2nd C) 3 or more
What type of plot did you garden this year? A) communal B) individual plots C) you have both
Did you garden for anyone else this year? A) family/friend/acquaintance B) charity/agency C) neither
How many neighbours/community members do you know between your home and your garden? A) none B) between 1-5 C) > 5
Do you know any other Community Gardens near yours? A) Yes B) No C) Not sure
How many other other community based projects or initiatives are you involved with? A) none B) 1-3 C) more than 3
Are you: A) male B) female C) identify as other
Age: A) 0-18 B) 19-64 C) 65+
Are you of Aboriginal descent A) yes or B) no C) not sure

Question Title

* 3. How long were you on a waitlist to join your community garden?