BAT Forum - Electronic Test Submission Questionnaire 

Survey Questions

We are soliciting your feedback on the electronic submission process. Since most of the backflow industry is moving to online test submissions, we want to hear what is important to you. It's crucial we work together so we can relay your needs to the software companies to encourage them to create systems that benefit everyone. Please be candid when answering the following questions.  (Due By 3.3.23)
(EXAMPLE) Previously Received Feedback:
1.      When entering test values, we have to select whether a check has closed tight or leaked.  All checks close tight even at the value of 0.1 and checks fail at <1.0 (0.9 or less).  Failures are based on the USC minimum required closing value of the assembly being tested. The only time a check leaks is when it is 0.0 PSID. 
So why are testers forced to enter these options. Wouldn’t the software know these basic requirements.  If you accidently check leaked on a passing value then your test fails and you have to reenter all the information.  
2.      When entering results for a site that has 60 assemblies, why do some systems provide a full list for the site when you enter the first assembly and others require you to enter each one separately.
These are the kind of comments we are looking for. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire and being a part of shaping and developing the future of our programs.
1.What system do you currently use to track your testing data?
2.When submitting test results to the water purveyor, what problems do you have with the entry process?
3.Which software program do you like best and least?
4.Do you think the testing fees are fair? Do you know why there is a fee?
5.What would you like to see in the submission process?
6.What would make it easier for you?
7.Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns you would like to share?