On behalf of the California Energy Commission, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory invites you to review a pilot version of EnergyIQ, the next generation of energy and carbon benchmarking tools for non-residential facilities. Based on your feedback, we will complete the tool and notify you when it is ready for general use.

EnergyIQ helps users begin the process of identifying savings opportunities and formulating an implementation strategy. This lays the groundwork for more in-depth audits or simulation studies. We call our approach Action-oriented Benchmarking: in addition to allowing users to compare their facility to similar ones, EnergyIQ generates a site-specific opportunity assessment and practical recommendations on how to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. To create user-defined peer groups for benchmarking comparisons, EnergyIQ utilizes an in-depth survey of about 2700 buildings from the latest California Commercial End-Use Survey (CEUS). Over time the tool will cover the rest of the United States.

Take some time to become familiar with the tool before providing your feedback. We have created a highly flexible user interface, which, due to the wide range of options offered, may be challenging for some users. Thanks to a forthcoming web service, this particular interface can be easily modified and customized by third-party software developers, e.g. to limit the building types, analysis, and views of the data available or to develop an entirely different look-and-feel.

To participate in the review:

1. Go to http://EnergyIQ.lbl.gov and experiment with the tool. Greyed-out features are not yet operational.

We suggest that you follow these steps:

• Get oriented by reviewing the "About" and "How to Use This Tool" pages
• Select "Go"
• Select some "Filters" (first column in menu system)
• Select various "Energy" metrics (second column) or "Features" (third column)
• Select various "Indicators" and "Views" (fourth and fifth columns) to explore charting options
• Enter data to benchmark your own facility
• Select "Actions" to see the opportunities (this is currently a static mock-up)
• Select "MyIQ" (this is currently a static mock-up of the area where users can manage a portfolio of buildings)
• Browse the other flat content pages (e.g. "Decision Support", "Reading Room", "Help")


If you have questions about this project, please contact Evan Mills via email or at 510-486-6784.


* Your contact information

* Rate the tool on the basis of:

  Very Low Low Medium High Very High
Overall usefulness
Ease of navigation
Usefulness of the "Actions" report
Likelihood that you will use this tool once it is fully functional
Tool name ("EnergyIQ")

* The building/facility types currently included in the EnergyIQ are listed here. Are there others that you would like to see included?

* Our top-level filters (building type, age, size, location, and peer group) allow you to compare your building to subsets of our entire database. Are there other filters that you would like to see included in the tool?

* Are there other performance metrics or presentation styles for the data that you would like to see included in the tool?

* The metrics we provide for energy use, costs, and carbon dioxide emissions can be normalized (per the user's choice) by floor area (e.g. kWh per square foot), or by other factors such as number of meals served (restaurants), number of beds (healthcare), number of inmates (prisons), or number of students (schools, colleges).

What other "normalizers" would be of value in this tool?

* The current version of EnergyIQ provides a number of "Features" benchmarks (e.g. types of lighting, HVAC system types, etc...). We plan to add more operational features and activities that users can compare with those of other users, such as percentage of equipment purchased with an EnergyStar rating or greenhouse-gas reduction targets. List any other operational features that you think should be included in the benchmarking process?

* Rate the value of our adding the following features to the tool:

  Very Low Low Medium High Very High
Personalize the interface using "drag-and-drop", like the services offered by MyYahoo! or iGoogle
Plot your building(s) on a zoomable Google Map (e.g. with color coding of the benchmarking metrics for comparison to others in your area)
Post your own experiences in compact case-study form, and read those from other users
Email your results to others
Quantify savings for the recommended actions, e.g. through simulation

* Please provide any additional comments or suggestions.

We appreciate your taking the time to provide feedback, and in return we will keep you posted on our progress.

Thank you!