* 1. Ida B. Wells was dismissed as a teacher in 1891 because of her criticism of the separate and inferior Negro schools. In what year were the Memphis City Schools integrated?

* 2. Ida B. Wells was an executive officer of the National Afro-American Council, where she served as chairwoman for which special bureau of the organization?

* 3. Written and published by Ida B. Wells, The Arkansas Race Riot uncovered details surrounding the riots that took place in Elaine, Arkansas during what year?

* 4. What was the name of the utopian community Frances Wright founded to cure America of the evil of slavery?

* 5. Frances Wright, born 1795, promoted many causes in the early 19th century. Which of the following was not one of her causes?

* 6. Myra Dreifus, an advocate for public school children, crusaded for which of the following:

* 7. Julia Hooks taught instrumental music in Memphis. Who was one of her more famous students?

* 8. Julia Hooks’ grandson is the nationally recognized civil rights leader Benjamin Hooks. His papers are archived at which institution?

* 9. The sculpture in the CFA plaza, Muted Belles: A Monument to Women of Memphis, was created by this visiting artist with students and faculty from the University of Memphis?

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