1. Survey to make group better

The purpose of this survey is to know the feedback about the group from the members. Please feel free to fill this survey and do not hesitate to provide your inputs.

Thank You so much
Ayush Jain
Group Manager

* 1. Moderators regularly monitors and keep spam control in group

* 2. Moderators are approachable and take enough initiatives to keep the interest of members in group

* 3. Your queries and solutions are related to which of the following subject topics ?

* 4. Is your query answered in timely fashion ?

* 5. How many days the group takes to solve your query ?

* 6. What is the quality of the solution you received from solver ?

* 7. How should be top posters rewarded in Group ?

* 8. You are following which of these associated communities of Excel group ? ( If you are not the member, Please visit home page of Google group to get the links of these communities)

* 9. What initiatives should be taken to make this group more accessible and approachable to Excel community worldwide ?

* 10. Any feedback for Group Manager (Ayush Jain) :)