Family Friendly Walk Through

* 1. Name of School

* 2. Grades of Child/Children at School

* 3. Please answer yes or no.

  Yes No
I feel welcome at the school.
I know how to find my way around the school - the office, my child's classroom, the gym and other areas.
The school and exterior areas are accessible to students and/or adults with disabilities.
My child is safe at this school.
My child feels safe before and after school and during free time.
School rules and requirements about student dress, language, and behavior were provided and explained.
I receive timely information about upcoming events
My child is treated with respect and taught to behave respectfully and responsibly.
My family's culture, ethnicity, and beliefs are respected and valued at this school.
My child's teacher contacts me at least monthly by text, email, or phone.
My child's teacher gives me useful information about how to help my child at home.
I receive timely information about issues concerning my child.
My child has opportunities to learn more about topics of interest to them.
I know the importance of establishing a family routine and regular discussions about school with my child.
I receive helpful information about grade level standards and what my child is learning.
I attend family events at school during the school year.
I am treated as a partner in my child's education and my contributions are valued.
The amount of homework my child receives is about right for their age/grade.
I review the information sent home.
Information on community programs or resources that my benefit my child and/or family are available and/or distributed.
I use the school's website.
Information and materials are available to families with limited English skills if needed.
All students at this school are challenged to do their best.

* 4. What kinds of information do you need to support your child's learning at home? Do you prefer workshops/events at school, online support, or social media? Please share your ideas!

* 5. What are some great things about this school?