2018 Idaho State Council of SHRM Conference

We are excited to begin our planning for the 2018 Idaho State Council of SHRM Conference.

It will be held on Friday, September 28th at The Boise Centre.

We would like your feedback on a few items to ensure that our plans align with your needs.  Please take a few minutes to take this short survey and give us your honest feedback.

* 1. Our conference has typically been a full-day Friday event in Boise, Idaho.  If we offered a pre-event (educational) on Thursday afternoon, would you attend?

* 2. Would you pay an additional registration fee to attend a pre-event ($50 or less)?

* 3. If we held a networking event following the pre-event on Thursday, would you attend?

* 4. Would you pay $20 to attend the networking event? (to cover facility & food)

* 5. How many keynote speakers would you prefer at the conference?

* 6. Of the topics listed below, please rank them in order of priority (1=Most Interest - 15 Least Interest)

* 7. Do you have other ideas for topics or other suggestions for the 2018 Idaho State Council of SHRM Conference.