Please complete this annual survey regarding your interest in serving on one or more church ministry committees, councils, or teams. Because it is often impossible to place everyone with their first choice, please list three or more preferences. For more information regarding any committee, council, or team please visit the Governing Documents page under Member Resources on the church website.

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Ministry Committees:

Child Protection Committee
Provide oversight, accountability and attention to matters concerning the welfare of minorsand workers (paid and volunteer) involved in various church-sponsored activities. Needs 2 new members.

Children’s Committee
Assist the children’s pastor in projects and initiatives that serve children grades 1-6 and their families. Needs 2 new members.

Christian Service Committee
Provide assistance to church families who find themselves in times of financial need. Needs 2 new members.

Committee on Teams & Committees
Meets regularly in the fall and as needed at other times to make recommendations to the church for election of members for the committees, teams and councils as well as other church positions, such as church clerk, parliamentarian, and moderator (if needed). Needs 3 new members.

Deacon Nominee Selection Committee
Meets as needed to lead the church to elect an active deacon fellowship. Needs 1 new member.

Dogwood Cove Committee
Meets 2-3 times a year to oversee the Dogwood Cove property on Lake Limestone. Needs 3 new members.

Finance Committee
Meets monthly to oversee and administer the financial operations of the church to assure the church’s financial stability. Needs 3 new members.

History Committee
Meets as needed to help members to develop an appreciation of their church through an understanding of its history. Needs 2 new members.

Missionary In Residence Committee
Meets as needed to oversee all missionary house necessities. Needs 2 new members.

Missions & Evangelism Committee
Meets regularly to review, prioritize and approve mission activities that the church supports. Needs 5 new members.

Personnel Committee
Meets regularly to assist the senior pastor and church in matters related to personnel administration and management. Needs 3 new members.

Planned Giving Committee
Meets as necessary to educate church members regarding contributions that can be made through planned giving opportunities and assist interested donors in this process. Needs 3 new members.

Preschool Committee
Meets as necessary to assist with coordinating of all activities and ministries of the various church organizations as they relate to preschool children. Needs 1 new member.

Properties Committee
Meets as necessary to provide for the care and maintenance of the church property, buildings, and grounds. Needs 3 new members.

Seminary Scholarship Committee
Meets annually (usually in March) to administer the seminary scholarship funds under the guidelines of the Joseph M. and Ethyl B. Cox and the Alan D. and Glynn D. Peacock Scholarship funds held by the First Baptist Church of Bryan Foundation. Needs 1 new member.

Staff Appreciation Committee
Meets as necessary to provide appropriate acknowledgement for important anniversaries and significant transitions. Needs 2 new members.

Transportation Committee
Oversees the transportation ministry of the church. Needs 2 new members.

Food Services Committee
Establish operating policies, financial operations, and recruitment of volunteers necessary to accomplish objectives of the food service program. Needs 2 new members.
Ministry Teams:

Adult 55+ Ministry Team
Serves to coordinate activities for adults over 55 years of age. Needs volunteers.

Baptism Ministry Team
Members are called on as needed to help facilitate baptism services in the church. Needs 3 couples.

Decoration/Floral Team
Oversee the establishment and maintenance of décor in the church atrium, Worship Center, and Fellowship Hall and gives special attention to holidays and special church wide events. Needs 2 volunteers.

Family Ministry Team
Assist to establish and evaluate marriage-building, parent-equipping and disciple-making initiatives for Young and Median adult couples.

Lord’s Supper Ministry Team
Members serve as needed to prepare and clean up the elements for the quarterly Lord’s Supper observance. Needs 3 volunteers.

Men’s Ministry Team
Assist in planning events and activities for men in the church. Needs 3 volunteers.

Prayer Ministry Team
Encourage prayer as an integral part of every activity of the church. Needs 3 volunteers.

Usher Ministry Team
Assist with bulletin distribution and seating of those in attendance. Needs ongoing volunteers.

Women’s Ministry Team
Assist in planning events and activities for women in the church. Needs volunteers.

Spanish Ministry Team
Assist leadership in planning ministry events for our Spanish service. Needs volunteers.

Other Ministry Opportunities:

First Impressions
Provide a warm welcome to members and guests as they arrive on Sunday morning. Stations include the parking lot, atrium and worship center. Volunteers in the atrium see that guests are escorted to Sunday School or Worship service. Needs 4-6 volunteers.

Homebound Visitations
Make regular visits to our homebound members. Need additional volunteers.

Multi-Media Ministry
Assist with projection of songs, sermon notes, and other media on screens in the Worship Center. Need skilled volunteers.

Sound Operation Crew
Serve as sound technician for Sunday and Wednesday services, and for other major church events such as Bible Conferences, funerals, weddings, etc. Needs skilled volunteers.

Video Production Crew
Assists with The Loop and other video promotions and productions for use on our TV broadcast, Livestream, social media and other church ministries.

TV Ministry Crew
Assist with the TV Broadcast on Sunday mornings by operating cameras, sound board, etc.

Worship Transition Ministry Crew
Assist with the platform, sound and staging transition between morning services.