Selecting a Music Director and Conductor is one of the most important decisions an orchestra can make. Your opinion as an audience member is extremely valuable to us in this process.

To help us evaluate tonight's Candidate, please complete the survey below.

                                                                                               5 - Strongly Agree
                                                                                               4 - Agree
                                                                                               3 - No Opinion
                                                                                               2 - Disagree
                                                                                              1 - Strongly Disagree

* 1. This conductor has a good rapport with the orchestra.
(He seems to have the respect and attention of the orchestra, and the orchestra seems to enjoy working with him.)

* 2. This conductor has a good rapport with the audience.
(He seems charismatic and is able to communicate with the audience verbally and/or non-verbally.)

* 3. This conductor made the concert a positive experience for the listener.

* 4. This conductor would be a good Music Director for the South Bend Symphony Orchestra.