The Specialized Literacy Professionals Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association is conducting a survey to obtain information about the current roles and responsibilities of reading specialists/literacy coaches across the United States.

This is a joint effort by IRA and NCTE, you may receive the survey request from various sources, however, please make sure to complete the survey only once. It is not necessary to be a member of IRA or NCTE to complete the survey. We also recognize that those who function as a reading specialist or literacy coach may not have those specific titles, so be sure to complete the survey if you provide similar service.

Our purpose for conducting this survey is to provide information to various stakeholders to assist with decision making, including:

(a) institutions that prepare reading specialists/literacy coaches
(b) agencies and organizations (International Reading Association, National Council of Teachers of English, State Department of Education) that provide professional development for reading specialists/literacy coaches,
(c) policy-makers and legislators, and
(d) school districts that employ such professionals.

We believe this information will also be helpful to individual reading specialists/literacy coaches who are seeking information about how others functions in their schools and recent educational policies (e.g., RTI).

IRA will use the survey data to update the position statement on The Role of the Reading Specialist (2000) and The Reading Coach (2004). Thank you in advance for participating in this initiative.

The IRA Specialized Literacy Professionals SIG Committee on National Survey of Reading Specialists/Literacy Coaches
Rita Bean, co-chair, Professor Emerita, University of Pittsburgh
Jack Cassidy, co-chair, Professor Emeritus, Millersville University.