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Here's your chance to speak out. What do you consider the top five greatest events in astronomy and space exploration?

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“Houston, we’ve had a problem”/“Failure is Not an Option” (Apollo XIII – 1970)
Solar Eclipse of 1919
Michelson-Morley Experiment (1887)
The Star of Bethlehem (7-4BC)
Apollo 7 transmits first live TV broadcast from manned U.S. spacecraft (10/14/1968)
Tunguska Event (Siberian Comet – 1908)
Sputnik (USSR Launch – 1957)
Man on the Moon (Apollo XI – 1969)
Alan Shepard’s First Mercury Space Flight (1961)
Halley's Coment and The Battle of Hastings (1066AD)
The Space Race (1957-1969)
World’s First Liquid-Propellant Rocket (3/16/1926)
Yuri Gagarin’s First Manned Space Flight (1961)