Here at the Irish Kidney Association (IKA), we value the opinions of our members. The purpose of this survey is to find out more about what services our members use and what services they would like to see prioritised as we prepare for our 2023 budget.
With the current cost of living crisis, the demand for our services, including financial support and counselling, has increased by over 50%. Demand for our services is always higher than the funds available to meet them. We need to make sure that the the funds raised by you in the community, and the limited funds given to us by the Government are used in the best way possible.  
The information we gather from this survey will be used to identify the services that are of highest importance to our members, and to ensure our limited money (funding) is used to ensure that:
  1. We are honouring the wishes of our members by listening to you and prioritising how we spend our funding in line with your needs.
  2. We are spending our funding in a way that has the most benefit or impact for patients and their families. This will help us plan the IKA’s position to continue to offer these vital services to a good standard into the future.
The completion of this survey is undertaken anonymously. All data collected and collated will be retained for a period of three years, in line with our Data Protection Policy. The results of this survey will be discussed with the Board and Branch officers and will inform how we spend money in the future. We encourage family members who may have used or interacted with our services to also participate in this survey.

Other issues will also have to be considered. For example, essential maintenance to protect IKA properties.

Your participation in this survey is optional but would be greatly appreciated. You agree to participate by clicking Next and submitting your answers on the following pages. The latest date for receipt of the completed survey is Monday, 16th January, 2023. Thank you for considering participating in our survey.
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