* 1. How often do you listen to Afghan Voice Radio?

* 2. What subjects and shows have your interest?

* 3. Do you watch the Afghan Voice Videos?

* 4. Do you read/browse www.afghanvoice.org.uk?

* 5. Do you want to get involved with Afghan Voice? (If NO please skip Q6 and Q7)
Volunteers and Contributors are automatically members.

* 6. If yes, what would you like to do?

* 7. How much time do you like to contribute in Afghan Voice?

* 8. Would you like to take part in a media mentoring and skill sharing project?

* 9. What is your gender? What is your age group? Are you Afghan? (3 Answers necessary)
This question will help us generate data for funding and will not have any influence on your contribution, voluntering or membership.