Informed Consent

PROJECT TITLE:  Male counselors-in-training attitudes on gender roles and relationship with multicultural competence 
The purposes of this form are to give you information that may affect your decision whether to say YES or NO to participation in this research and to record the consent of those who say YES.  The research will be conducted at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. 
PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Dr. Erik J. Braun, PhD, Assistant Professor at NSULA, Dr. Madeline Clark, PhD, Assistant professor at University of Toledo, and George Armitage, Doctoral Student at University of Toledo. 
The purpose of this research project is to explore male counseling students’ attitudes on gender roles and to explore whether or not there is a relationship with multicultural competence. Benefits to the institution and the field will include a greater awareness of how to help male master’s-level counseling students develop cultural competency. For instance, if the researchers find male counseling students hold more hegemonic attitudes on certain items or that they are deficient in certain areas of cultural competence, then this may be an indicator that it may be helpful for counselor educators to give additional attention to these areas when working with male students in developing cultural competency. Future clients may benefit from this possible increase in multicultural development in counselors. 
This research is limited to cis-male counselors-in-training currently enrolled in Master's-level Counseling Programs.   
RISKS:  If you decide to participate in this study, then you may face a risk of discomfort responding to the content of the survey.  The researcher tried to reduce these risks by allowing the participant the freedom to discontinue participation at any time.  And, as with any research, there is some possibility that you may be subject to risks that have not yet been identified. Overall, the risks are minimal and are no more than the risks of everyday life. 
BENEFITS:  The main benefit to you for participating in this study is to participate in research that will help the counseling profession better understand cultural dynamics and gender issues related to clients’ well-being.  
The researcher is unable to give you any payment for participating in this study. 
The recorded data will remain password-protected. Additionally, no identifying information will be reported. To ensure anonymity, you will not be asked for your name or contact information and instead, your responses will be connected to a randomly generated alphanumeric code for data analysis purposes. 
It is OK for you to say NO.  Even if you say YES now, you are free to say NO later, and walk away or withdraw from the study  at any time.  Your decision will not affect your relationship with Northwestern State University, or otherwise cause a loss of benefits to which you might otherwise be entitled. 
By signing this form, you are saying several things.  You are saying that you have read this form or have had it read to you, that you are satisfied that you understand this form, the research study, and its risks and benefits.  The researcher should have answered any questions you may have had about the research.  If you have any questions later on, then the researcher should be able to answer them: 
Erik Braun at (309) 339-4596  or 
If at any time you feel pressured to participate, or if you have any questions about your rights or this form, then you should call  The Office of Sponsored Programs at 318-357-5222.  And importantly, by selecting the first option below, you are telling the researcher YES, that you agree to participate.&a

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