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* 1. How did you hear about the Youth Basketball League?

* 2. Which community did you play for?

* 3. Which Division did you participate in?

* 4. Please rate the Participant fee:

* 5. Please rate the Registration Process.

* 6. Please rate the Communication During the Season:

* 7. I felt my child's coach(es)...

  Agree Neutral Disagree No Opinion N/A
Followed the rules
Treated players, opponents and officials with respect
Rewarded effort, not just results
Helped players learn and improve
Helped players bounce back from mistakes
Used positive reinforcement
Encouraged players to do their best
Listened to players
Made the sport fun for my child

* 8. Please rate the Schedule Format (Game, practice times, etc.):

* 9. Please rate the length of the season:

* 10. Please rate the facilities:

* 11. Please rate the Officiating:

* 12. Please rate the Playing Rules:

* 13. Please rate the Overall Administration of the Program:

* 14. We would appreciate any additional comments regarding the Lakeshore Youth Basketball League program that would assist us in improving the quality of our leagues. Thank you!