Supplier Enablement: Contact Data

Pinnacle Entertainment wants to promote flipping purchase orders into invoices using electronic methods, which offers suppliers many benefits such as quicker payment and self-service invoice tracking when using the Coupa Supplier Network(1). To achieve this Pinnacle Entertainment wants to verify your contact data for use in our Coupa procure-to-pay software.  Coupa stores two e-mails per supplier. (1) A primary contact e-mail is stored for the purposes of (a) general correspondence and (b) sending invitations to suppliers to join the CSN. (2) A PO e-mail is stored for sending purchase orders to suppliers.  It is imperative that we request your organization's lead/national/primary contact and best possible PO e-mail address for the purposes explained herein and on our website.
Some suppliers need correspondence conditionally delivered to multiple departments (e.g., accounts receivable, warehousing, and/or IT), which our software constraint does not support.  Accordingly, suppliers may have to amend their current processes to ensure receipt and processing of CSN invitations and purchase orders. Some suppliers elect to create e-mail groups within their e-mail software in order to grant multiple account representatives across various regions access to these e-mails.  Many suppliers opt for the CSN to centrally manage the purchase orders that Pinnacle Entertainment sends since the CSN allows access to unlimited users of an organization within a single account.
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(1) The Coupa Supplier Network or (CSN) is a way for Coupa customers to manage suppliers and transactions on the Coupa platform. The CSN is a FREE tool for suppliers providing goods and/or services to Coupa Customers.
Suppliers can manage the following through CSN:

• Manage your company information
• Grant unlimited CSN account access to your staff
• Configure your Company PO transmission preferences per customer relationship
• View all customer purchase orders
• Create electronic invoices and see payment status

* 1. What is the legal name of the company you are representing?

Please provide a primary contact for receiving correspondence related to procurement operations, as well as Coupa supplier enablement activities.  Additionally, please provide a PO e-mail for receiving purchase orders.

* 2. First Name:

* 3. Last Name:

* 4. Phone #:

* 5. Primary E-mail Address:

* 6. Purchase Order (PO) E-mail Address (we will send all purchase orders to this address):

* 7. Coupa purchase orders and invoices can be delivered via Supplier Actionable Notifications (SANs) (i.e., e-mail), the Coupa Supplier Network (CSN), or using cXML integration.  Which method does your organization prefer?