As usual, there is much action in the supply chain software market, both at the technology vendor level and the companies they serve. Supply chain requirements are changing rapidly, while companies consider what capabilities they require now and in the future to meet customer expectation and beat the competition.

With that backdrop, Supply Chain Digest is launching a major study of key trends and opportunities in supply chain software. It promises to be one of the most important research projects in the supply chain in 2016.
  • Key research topics of the study include: How do current supply chain technology capabilities stack up with current needs, and where do companies sees the most attractive areas for improvement?

  • How agile are current supply chains, both strategically and operationally, and what are the most important barriers to becoming more agile?
  • How will Cloud-based supply chain applications impact the market? How aggressive will companies be in moving to the Cloud, and in what areas? What are the barriers to moving to Cloud-based solutions?

SCDigest hopes to answer these questions and many more in this new report, supported by a new survey to gather input from supply chain practitioners on this important topic.

We would appreciate you taking this brief survey. In the near future, we will send all respondents a copy of the survey results aggregated across all respondents. We know you will find it valuable.

All responses are strictly confidential at a company and individual level. That means there will be no results reported/discussed/etc. at an individual company or respondent level. These results will be reported at an aggregate level across all respondents only. We guarantee it.

Please do not enter junk data! We would love for you to take this survey, but would really not want you to do if you are entering junk data. Please respect that.

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Dan Gilmore