* 1. Thank you for taking this survey. All answers are strictly confidential and shall be used to try and create a person centered service in aspects of daily living support for disabled, vulnerable people and their families. You will not be contacted unless you specify you wish to. Thank you

* 2. Do feel that for self directed support provision, it is a good thing to have a provider(s) that are run by people who use the services themselves?

* 3. Would you trust an Service user led independent non profit provider to give you correct information regarding Social Care and independent living?

* 4. Do you know what a support plan is?

* 5. What you feel comfortable compiling a support plan?

* 6. Do you know what a Citizen Leader is?

* 7. Details of Citizen Leaders are shown at www.citizenleaders.org would you feel comfortable having service provision from them?

* 8. Our current rates as of 5 November 2010 are £11.25 per hour with minimal travel costs added for shorter visits or out of area. with average agency rates approx £15 per hour do you think this is a more affordable option?

* 9. If you would like more information on Citizen Leaders non profit services, please leave details of your area and we shall try and liase with groups to provide information in that area.
Thank you